hart@medibus.org.uk 01964 536684


We offer a variety of transport services using 16 seater accessible minibuses. To use our door to door services we require passengers to be registered with us. To become a member please complete a membership form, download here, or ring 01964 536684 to ask for one.

Our main services are:


Door to door transport to health care appointments for patients and hospital visitors.

Dial A Ride

Door to store transport to Brildington shops and supermarkets for Bridlington and Bempton residents.

Shopping Services

Door to door transport from Holderness and East Coastal Wolds villages to market towns and supermarkets.

MiBUS Shoppers

Door to door transport to market towns and supermarkets from Holderness and the East Yorkshire Wolds.

Community Bus Services

This service stops at bus stops at the published timetabled times. Linking villages to urban areas where commercial services have been withdrawn.

Full and Half Day Trips

Leisure and social trips to local attractions, garden centres and shopping centres.

Community and Voluntary Group Use

Affordable minibus travel for non profit making organisations.